30 October 2013

Dear friends & partners,

The Lord is opening up doors for us to disciple new believers in Burma (Myanmar). Burma is transitioning from a military dictatorship to a more democratic government, and this gives us a unique window of opportunity to strengthen and build the church there.

We started the Wittenberg graduate program in the US & Canada primarily for the West, but God is now also opening many doors for us outside North America. I believe God will enable us to train thousands of new believers in the coming years.

So far, we have 98 new believers in Burma ready to do discipleship and God has already provided us with teachers, with either an M.Div. or an M.A. in Theology, who are willing to teach and train them. These new believers are hungry for God and take God seriously, and we believe that God will use them to bring revival to this nation that has so long been closed to the gospel.

God is leading us to attempt great things for Him by faith and in return we can expect to see Him moving in a mighty way. Please stand with us in prayer to see the nation of Burma reached with the Gospel and new believers discipled to follow and serve the Lord. 


Prof. Dr. Laura Chavady
Vice President
Wittenberg College & Seminary