What makes Wittenberg different from other schools?

Wittenberg was founded by missionaries who spent many years on the mission field, and evangelism

and discipleship are at the core of all of our programs. We firmly believe that being a follower

of Christ means living for Him and for the gospel as Mark 8:35 teaches. In North America Bible

colleges and seminaries are becoming increasingly liberal and are drifting away from this main

thrust of the Christian faith. Wittenberg is part of the movement back to truly Christ-centered

education where being a follower of Jesus takes the central place.

Another trend in the West is that schools have bought into the lie that to provide academically

rigorous education means you have to let students question their faith in God. We at Wittenberg

believe the exact opposite: academically sound education is only possible if you make biblical truth

absolutely foundational to all teaching. God Himself is Truth and we can only gain true knowledge

and learn to think in a sound manner by first surrendering both our lives and our thinking

completely to Him. Our teaching is therefore always geared toward strengthening your faith, while

at the same time helping you to master the skills of sound academic thought and scholarship.

A final distinctive of Wittenberg has to do with the great increase in information that

the Internet has brought. This increase has changed education from just providing knowledge

to equipping students to find the right path through the forest of data now available to them.

More than ever, believers need a reliable guide and this is exactly what they find at

Wittenberg. We actively embrace what the Internet has to offer and help students use it

profitably, but we also equip students to distinguish trustworthy biblical knowledge from

the overload of deceptive views that now confronts them. Our personal mentoring approach is

a great asset in this.

What is the advantage of online education?

One huge advantage is the fact that each student can be mentored individually. In a residential

program the professors may get to know maybe 10% of their students, while online teaching allows

us to connect with each student separately. This also means that the course material does not

stay theoretical but can be directly applied to the student’s life and circumstances. Our professors

actively connect with each student, earnestly pray for them, and counsel and guide them whenever


Secondly, there is of course the obvious advantage to the students of studying at your pace and

from your own home.

Are all your courses online?

All our courses can be taken online, but we also teach modular classes at varying locations. Most

students like to take at least one class in modular format and we are working on expanding our

network of locations.

How do I sign up?

All our programs start with the TST (Total Spiritual Transformation) Program. There are no

admission requirements for the TST and you can simply contact us at the email below. 

If you have any questions please feel free to email us at: [email protected]